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Friday, September 9, 2011

Finally got my sample containers...

and I'm ready to roll!  I will be making my samples and sending them to Sampler Village for the October sample boxes.  I'm waiting on my new tins and once I get those done I'll be taking some to Donna's Front Porch.  There's another place in Minden that has agreed to consign Two Toots but I'm not sure if the place has a name yet.  They will open next week so I suppose I should find that out, right?  :) 

Anyway, off to my "lab" to make yummy lip balm samples.  Let's hope this is the beginning of a lucrative adventure!


  1. Left you a review on Alexa. Fun site, love the about me section!

  2. Hi,New GFC Follower, loving the blog! Stopping by from the Alexa weekend Blog hop and wrote an excellent review. I would love for you to write a review for me on Alexa, and while your there follow me GFC :) J'S REVIEWS AND GIVEAWAYS
    Thanks so much! have a great day!! Cant wait for the go away monster giveaway :)