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About Two Toots

Two Toots Soap Shop came into existance in June of this year, however, the product and concept have been around since 2002-ish.  My friend Michele and I had two little boys that were going through the monster stage.  Zach and KK were afraid that monsters were hiding out in their rooms at night.  One day we got to discussing how we could eradicate those evil little buggers so the kids would finally sleep.  We searched the internet and found a place that sold fragrance oils that were non-toxic and body safe.  We made up a little concoction and voila ~ monsters ran out of the house, never to be seen or heard from again!

Our kids are older now and there is no need for "Go Away! Monster Spray".  It's a happy/sad thing, right?!  Anyway, after that, for me, it progressed into making melt and pour soap.  I bought more fragrances, soap base, soap molds, soap colors and got busy.  I experimented with soap additives like coffee and oatmeal - called it the breakfast (soap) bar!  I also made incense, smelly jelly jars and bath bombs.  I loved creating this stuff but I had no idea how to market.  I didn't know anything about social networking and, quite honestly, I don't think it existed quite like it does today.  

Then I got really busy with life.  I had a full time job, went back to school full time, still had my family to raise, all that good stuff.  Soap making took a back burner, big time.  Actually, it pretty much just stopped.  We moved from Arizona to Nebraska and so did some of the soap molds and incense sticks.  We've been here 4 years now and I'm stinkin bored.  I still work full time and go to school part time and still have a family to raise, but the boys are older and in between work, school and sports, I carve out a little "me" time and make things I enjoy.  I've started with soap and am now on to lip balm, body frosting and lotion.  I am LOVING it! 

A local shop owner agreed to consign my items, which is absolutely fabulous!  I also have one other shop owner interested so far, yay me!  But I needed a name.  I wanted something that reflected my native Arizona-ness but everything that I could think of was taken or would have probably been copyright infringement.  So my little sis suggested I name it my "nickname".  Well, one of my nicknames.  My husband, when I am pouty or whiny, teases me and says, "It's ok, Two Toots".  Even he doesn't have any idea why he calls me that, it's just something he started and it stuck with him.  And me.  So...Two Toots Soap Shop was created.  I've been figuring out this marketing thing as I go and even set up an Etsy shop.  I'm just becoming familiar with that too, so it's slow going.  But please stop by, say hi, puruse my shop ~ all are welcome!