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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dropping the F bomb

The FABULOUS lip BALM, that is.  I have new sample containers coming and I'm hoping to connect with a wonderful blog/website/marketeer(?) to get the word out about Two Toots.  Last week there was an article in The Kearney Hub about Two Toots so we'll keep our fingers crossed that that will bring in some business for both me and Marci.  I love doing this and I'd really like to get it off the ground so that I can continue to do it.  Help me spread the word?  Thanks!


  1. I love lip balm and especially flavored lip balm:) I am now following you from the hop and so glad I found your fabuous blog! I would love a follow back over at http://mizzreviewlady-mommyreviews.blogspot.com/

  2. i am a new follower. i wish i could make lip balm!!!! very lucky u. please come follow us back