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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I love my "job"!

Heading to the Two Toots Lab today to whip up some body spray. Need help on fragrances. What would you buy? Gardenia, Black Raspberry & Vanilla, Coconut Lime Verbana, Daisy, Fresh Pear, Asian Pear & Lily, Magnolia & Orange Blossom, Clementine, Nectarine Mint, Monkey Farts (very tropical!), Country Apple, Brown Sugar & Fig.
I wanna know!
Email me, text me, "comment" me, send me a message by carrier pigeon, just tell me! :)

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  1. hi :) mmm i think i'd buy just about all of them but the ones that sound right up my alley are the pear and brown sugar and fig!! love those scents! how awesome that you create them and get to love what you do...isn't it a blessing!
    much wednesday love <3